WATER TREATMENT by Stout Plumbing


Stout Plumbing provides water treatment services. Having clean drinking water is a privilege that we should never take for granted. Water is one thing that every living organism on the planet needs every single day. When it comes to the drinking water in your home, do you know what’s in it? Even if it comes from a municipal water company there are still contaminants in your home’s water supply. That’s why a water treatment system for your home might be a good idea.

We provide comprehensive water treatment services including reverse osmosis, water softening, water filtration, chemical feed pumps as well as water testing services and more. For all your water treatment services make sure you call Stout Plumbing today.

Water Filtration

Stout Plumbing provides complete water filtration installation, repair and maintenance. Most likely, you get your water from municipal water supply. While this water is cleaned and treated at the plant, there is still probably chlorine and chloramines in your water. These chemicals play a crucial role in public health by killing any bacteria or viruses in your water. However, they are designed to kill living organisms which means that they most likely have a negative impact on your health. Water filtration systems, either whole house systems or filters attached to individual taps, are designed to filter out these types of contaminants.

Water Softening

The expert plumbers at Stout Plumbing are proud to offer comprehensive water softening services. The water you get from your municipality or from a well on your property likely has large amounts of minerals in it. This means that it is probably “hard” water. The most common minerals in water are calcium and magnesium. Over time, these minerals can build up in your appliances and in your pipes. They also produce soap scum in your laundry, showers and sink drains. Water softening systems remove these minerals from your water supply thereby making your water “softer”.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis is a process of water filtration that is used by water bottling companies. It actually filters particles from your water at the molecular level. Reverse osmosis is an amazing process that removes many different contaminants from water. It is actually the same process that is used to desalinate ocean water. When used in a residential application, it gives you clean, pure drinking water. Our plumbers provide a full–range of reverse osmosis services including installation, repair and maintenance.

Chemical Feed Pumps

If you get your water from a well on your property then you likely are concerned about bacteria, viruses and other harmful contaminants getting into your drinking water. Call our experts when you need a chemical feed pump to help deliver clean drinking water to your home. With all the chemicals and pollution that is in our environment, it is almost inevitable that it will get into our water table. Viruses like E. coli and contaminants like oils, pesticides and paint products can enter your water system and need to be removed. Chemical feed pumps can help reduce those types of harmful pollutants in your water. Contact Stout Plumbing to learn more about our chemical feed pump services.

Specialty Cartridges and Housings

General whole house water filtration and water softening systems are designed to target a broad range of contaminants and particulates in your home’s water supply. However, those types of filtering systems aren’t always ideal when you have very particular and dangerous contaminants in your water supply. When you need to remove things like nitrates and arsenic from your water, you need to have a specialty cartridge and housing for your water filtration system. This allows you to house and capture the specific contaminant that you want. We provide specialty cartridge and housing services. The first step in this process is to test the water to find out what contaminants are in it.

Water Testing

Do you know what’s in your drinking water? In certain situations, it is absolutely critical that you have your water professionally tested. Stout Plumbing offers accurate, professional and reliable water testing. If your water is a strange color or leaves black or orange stains, you should probably get your water tested immediately. If your water has a strange odor, like that of rotten eggs, it could be the presence of sulfur in your water and you should probably get it tested.

Water System Installation

If you’re ready to install a new home water filtration or water softening system at your home, make sure you call the expert plumbers at Stout Plumbing. Our professional plumbers have installed all different types and brands of water systems. We know how important the quality of your water is to you. That’s why we take such great care when we’re in your home to make sure that your water is filtered to your complete satisfaction.

Water System Repair and Service

If your water filtration system has started to give you problems, contact the plumbers at Stout Plumbing. Our expert plumbers provide fast and accurate water system repair and service. If you need to have your filters changed or if you need to have your reverse osmosis system serviced, call Stout Plumbing today.

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