WATER LINE SERVICE by Stout Plumbing

Stout Plumbing provides outstanding water line services throughout the area. From installation of a new water line to repair and maintenance of your current line, our plumbers can do it all. Here at Stout Plumbing, we take our job seriously because we know that the water line into your house is a crucial part of your home’s operation.

When it starts to leak or gets damaged by tree roots, it can cause serious problems with your home. We are committed to each of our customers’ complete satisfaction and to the quality of the work that we do. If you suspect that your water line is leaking, call Stout Plumbing today. We provide fast and honest water line services. Our plumbers are highly trained and have years of experience working on water lines.

Water Line Problems

Your main water line is buried deep in the ground under your property. Accessing the water line can sometimes involve digging up large portions of your yard, but with trenchless technology, there’s no major damage to your property. Here are a few of the most common water line problems that we’ve seen in the area.

Tree roots

Surprisingly, tree roots are one of the most common sources of water line issues. As the trees on your property search for water, they often discover your water line. Slowly, their roots can inch their way into your water line through the joints in the pipes. Eventually, the roots can become so think in the water pipe that they can form a clog.

Natural causes

Because of weather and soil conditions, the ground can shift over time and cause cracks to occur in your water line.


If you have an older house, the water line may have never been replaced. Depending upon when your home was built, the pipe may have just become brittle or corroded and started to leak.

Corrosion or rust

Additionally, if your home has particularly hard water, there can be issues with corrosion or rust building up in your water line. You’ll start to notice a strange odor or discoloration of the water in your home.

Water Line Replacement

Unfortunately, it is often necessary to replace your water line entirely if the problem is so pervasive that it affects a large portion of the water line. If that is the case for you, then call Stout Plumbing today. We provide comprehensive water line replacement services throughout area. We can do traditional water line replacement as well as trenchless.

Our plumbers are highly trained and have worked on water lines with many different types of issues. If you have low water pressure or discolored water in your home, call us today. We can replace your water line quickly with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Water Line Installation

It requires a great amount of skill and training in order to properly install a water line in your home. If you’re in the process of building a new home, let the professional plumbers at Stout Plumbing install your new water line. Our trained plumbers have worked for years in the industry providing water line services throughout the area. We can make sure that your water line is installed correctly and that it will operate for as long as possible.

Water Line Services

Stout Plumbing offers high quality plumbing services. We only hire highly trained, professional plumbers. We are always respectful of your property and strive to provide the best possible plumbing services that we can. Give us a call today to talk with one of our friendly plumbers.

Stout Plumbing is located in Benton, AR making our service calls quick. Have the peace of mind that a licensed plumber provides. Stout Plumbing is committed to quality plumbing services and overall customer satisfaction.
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